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rebar crosses


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I was cutting up a heap of rebar floor mesh into short lengths for scrap art lizard tails. The workshop floor was subsequently littered with bits of rebar where the bars cross. They usually go in the bin, but it occurred to me that in the forge they might make reasonable crosses.

The factory welds on those rebar mesh sheets are inconspicuous but they seem to be very strong. Anyway, here are a couple of quick and easy crosses from rebar. Also used a longer piece to make a letter opener. Perhaps there are other ideas for scrap rebar, making use of the welds already there.


rebar crosses 1.JPG

rebar crosses 2.JPG

rebar letter 1.JPG

rebar letter.JPG

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Thanks, John. Did a couple more after today's demo. The kids (school holidays at the moment) think they look more like a dagger than a letter opener. Besides, not many kids know what a letter is these days.

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