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I ran across this anvil but couldn't get a look at it in person due to my work hours.. says its 120 lbs. 25" long...   my first thoughts were Trenton or Arm & Hammer, or maybe Hay Budden  ?? what does it look like to you ??






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Hard to tell for me from the photos. A close up of the side with the horn facing right might help as well as photos of each side of the foot under the horn straight on. Also the bottom of thw anvil. 

Almost looks like a solid steel upper from the waist up. ( trenton or hay budden as far as I know.

Looks in Great condition.make sure you do the ball bearing test on it before you buy it. 

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thank you both on this...I checked this one out in person today.. it is a Trenton, solid tool steel upper wielded at the waist it has very slight marks on the side.. 127 on the left front foot and 199287 on the right front foot and a oval depression on the bottom...   AIA puts it between 1931-1935   it has a great rebound and sold for $401.00 which is $3.15 a pound...

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11 hours ago, Black Frog said:

Any chance of getting a closeup of the logo stamp area on the other side of the anvil?


Black Frog, it is very faint with only the center 3 curved letters visible and a few of the broken lines of the diamond.. it appears to be the same as the photo on page 359 of AIA from July 6 1927... except its more in the center of the waist .. my camera quit working so I can't take a photo at the moment ..

10 hours ago, ThomasPowers said:

Looks like a copy in plywood of a cast iron commercial stand to me.  I have seen hollow plywood stands used---filled with sand with the anvil resting on the sand.

yes someone took the effort to make it look like a cast iron commercial stand.. its been on this stand a very long time it even shows the outline of the oval  from the bottom of the anvil .. not sure how well this stand worked for the previous owner or owners use but the anvil looks to have hardly ever been hammered on …

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12 hours ago, Black Frog said:

There were nine different logo stamp styles that Trenton used.  Some differences are very subtle, so if you ever get a chance to post a photo I'd like to add it to the logo database.

Black Frog, I'm working overtime right now so when I get a chance I will borrow a camera from a friend and get a few for you of what's still visible..  JT 

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