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Yes I’ve read the read this first topic . Thanks for the info daswulf . I’ve been shopping on fb for a few days now and trying to join as many groups as I can . I had a lead in a 50# used anvil in OH . It’s a 3 hr drive and he wanted 275 for it . I have a tight budget and still need a forge also . I want to use coal and still stuggling to find a coal supply along with the forge . I know I can make one and it looks like I will be. I have a piece of railroad track that I will probably just mount to something heavy and use that . Still frustrating . Trying to start and seems everyone knows what they have in an anvil and forge and won’t let them go . Lol . I won’t give up .  Thanks for all your help everyone.  . 

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Indiana; an excellent place to us the TPAAAT method of find good anvils at a good price! (And if you are in a city, remember that there were more anvils per sq mile in cities than in the country!)

Note 50# is basically a "toy" anvil and sounds a bit like the Harbour Freight ASO weight. I can go to my local scrapyard and get an 80# chunk of STEEL for US$16.   (http://www.marco-borromei.com/fork.html     n.b. I am the Thomas mentioned in that link)

Are you just looking online?  If so you are basically talking to people who are trying to make money selling their anvil and will try to get as high a price as they can from it; you are surprised to only find high prices?  Last anvil I found was by talking to folks after Church one Sunday. A 92 year old Lady had a lovely one in her shed and was willing to sell it at US$1 a pound...; had one swedish cast steel anvil offered to me for free when  doing the same at my other church.

Now if you can tell us WHAT you plan to do with it we could make better suggestions on what you can use instead of an expensive London Pattern Anvil.

(and please edit your profile to put Indiana in the Location. )

As for coal what did the Indiana Blacksmith Association people suggest when you asked them?  I know there used to be good coal at a place near Brazil IIRC and if on the Central East side SOFA used to handle excellent coal for members.  I bought a couple of hundred pounds at Quad-State this year to take 1500 miles home with me. (Pity you've missed both Quad-State and the IBA blacksmithing conferences for this year.)

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Dear Sophus,

Much more information is needed.  First, where in the world are you.  the value of your anvil will vary if you are in the USA, Sweden, Australia, or India.  Second, value will vary widely depending on the make and condition.  Third, a major variable is size.  Is it a 10 pound jeweler's anvil or a 500 pound industrial anvil?

So, please post more information and, preferably, photos if you want any reasonable and usable response to your query.

Anvils can vary in value from scrap value of maybe 20 cents per pound to $5-6 per pound for high end anvils depending on size, make and condition.

Some anvils are marked with the maker's name and the weight and some are not marked at all but sometimes shape is distinctive to a particular maker.

"By hammer and hand all arts do stand."

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Price depends on where you are located, the size and construction of the anvil.

My first suggestion is to keep and learn how to use the anvil.  It will have more value to you for making the things you need then the money value from a sale.  Search for a JABOD forge (just a box of dirt).

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