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Anvil Identification

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Hello, all.

I am trying to suss out the origin of my anvil. 

It weighs 147.5 lbs. and it bears the marking "147".

It has the markings "163165" on the base.

It also has a marking that I believe says "Brooklyn, NY", and "______ manufacturing CO".

I really appreciate any help with this.

Thank you.


20180914_165555 (1).jpg



20180914_165613 (1).jpg

20180914_165656 (1).jpg

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While $2.-3./  Lb. Would be more than fair here, they "seem" to be selling closer to $4. Maybe even $5./lb. Since the FIF craze. But in reality $2.-$3. Lb. Is really Fair. $1./lb.  Was typical even 6-7 years ago?. And thats for great condition. 

All I can say is don't over price it where new anvils are more affordable ( and Better). Also whats the rebound?

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Talking about the Forged in fire show. it inspired a lot of people to want to try the craft and anvil prices seem to have gone way up.

Someone with the anvils in america book might be able to help with a date from that serial number. I unfortunately do not have the book. 

Im more into the using and usability of anvils and you have a fine anvil there. With the solid steel upper it will hold up well. 

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