Wrought iron hammer build (steeled) 2.75lbs custom with hickory handle video

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A tour de force.

Well done.

Most informative.

It's just the right speed for an old gaffer with A.D.H.D,



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Thanks Guys.. Not my usual hammer style but wanted to try something different.. 

So far it swings very well.. Got to spend about 20hrs with it so far and it's a pleasure to swing..  :) 

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Wow! That was a great video. It answered tons of questions I did not know I had. An inspiration to someone getting back in the heat.

It is also encouraging to learn that hopefully some day I will drop stuff much less often than I do now.....

Thank you,


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Zeke Zabo.. Secret to not dropping stuff is having the right fitting tooling..   But your very kind to say that..  Sadly in the demo trailer nearly all the work was done with only pickup tongs.. so there were tons of drops..

Wasn't till the second weekend demo that I dragged the hammer making tongs out of the storage barrel.. Even with that they were not able to be used as the jaws are huge and the fuller was designed to sit nearly flat on the anvil so there was no way to get the hammer in the tongs close enough to actually use it.. So switched over to the hollow bit tongs which were a little small.. 

This is the first hammer I've made in 15 years  and the first steeled wrought iron hammer..  I've made top and bottom tools with steel faces but first hammer.. 

I don't pick things to make that are easy very often now.. I pick things that push my current comfort level and see about trouble shooting what is taking place.. I like a challenge..  LOL.. 


1forgeur .. Thanks :) 

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