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So I just moved 900km away from my home to start a school for silversmithing, We as students have access to the workshop 24/7, we have not gotten to do much yet but I got to practice soldering brass and copper with some silver solder and I enjoy it, im using copper and brass in the beginning to learn how to solder correctly cause my funds are not huge enough to start with silver, anyway during the weekend I made a few things for practice nothing great but pretty ok, cant wait until we get to move onto casting.

Here are some of the stuff.

Here are two rings made from brass, nothing fancy. I put the solder seams under the top of the rings. Also a simple Jörmungandur pendant, not too found of the design drew it up too quickly.


Here is something I wanted to try a long time, mixing copper and a lighter metal, wanted to use silver for the rim part but like I said im learning so dont want to waste silver so I used brass, it is a viking inspired shield pendant. Did not quite get the thing centered but it is all good since its practice.


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Soldered a pendant it is dome like shaped on the front and flat on the back hollow inside, I had to solder it 4 separate times to assemble it correctly with 4 types of melting temp for the solder.



Soldered my first silver ring today, I found it harder to solder silver then brass and copper but it turned out ok in the end, made a  really simple design with moose antler around the outside.


I made more stuff but I forgot to take pictures of em ill do that later.


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