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15KW Induction Forge Build - U.S. Solid - pic heavy

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had a question on facebook about making your own coils, worth noting my reply here for others.


say you made a 1" coil with 100 loops in it, it would never produce any heat. a 1" coil with 1 loop would overload the machine and damage it. but with 3 loops would generate an immense amount of heat, melting anything you put in it in seconds. you *could* use that coil at half power and be ok but its better to remake the coil to say 5-7 loops and run it at full power. same temp as lower power but over a much larger working area.

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i havent tested the multi-loop coil thing yet, its REALLY hard to find metric flare nuts for this thing. I may end up doing a metric-->SAE conversion on this thing. i only have 2 spare flare nuts that fit the stock unit that came with it. 8mm flare, unknown threading/size. man I've been tryin though.

As soon as i have this flare nut thing resolved i'll make all sorts of coils including a levitation one and the multi-coil and post about it.

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That's a great read. It will be something else that my wife looks at on the bedside table and shakes her head.

I am at work, so I can't really read it, but I don't see anything in there that indicates I can't run a reasonably efficient multi-loop coil. I need to pay attention to design, but it looks like there's no theoretical problem with it.

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Didn't get any pictures of it but started a new piece yesterday for the wife's birthday - making 1084/15n20 knitting needles. Used a smaller billet about 1.5x1.5x0.75". Had to drop the power down just a bit, around 650 amps to keep the sides from melting but got a fantastic weld in 2 heats. Evenly spread out welding heat took about 80 seconds. Drew it out about 6 inches, zero delams looks fantastic. No flux used. Very pleased with its performance. 

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