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Kast-O-Lite equivalents

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Hey guys and gals!

This question may have been answered already but I have searched on this forum and google and haven’t found an answer so here it goes!

I’ve been trying to find a source for kast-o-lite or the equivalent up here in west central Saskatchewan but haven’t been able to find a source. I’ve looked online and have found it for sale but the shipping scares me! I was wondering if any fellow Canadians knew of an equivalent available here ? Or a source in the city of Saskatoon as I’ll be there tomorrow.



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You may find it there; if you don't, the next best thing is to buy whatever high alumina content castable refractory you can, and add glass microspheres to it; they are relatively cheap and cost almost nothing to ship, so they can be purchased online without breaking the bank. 

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