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I Forge Iron

Getting metal again - easy first project: scale.

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Hey folks. 

As a newbie to this forum, I mentioned in my intro that my son has decided to take up bladesmithing, and since I used to do wood and metal work as a pretty obsessive hobby, I decided to get my chops warmed up again and start with an easy project. Please forgive what appears to be imbalanced sides...I took the picture, forgetting I had a clamp stuck underneath. 

The main (four-sided) pillar of the scale has the metal curls on each of the four sides. The picture doesn’t do a good job illustrating that. Those were simple, once I made a jig. The tip is forged and shaped, then brazed to the pillar.

Really enjoying this forum. I’ve interacted with some truly good folk.  Cheers. 


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Very nice work. Please take another photo so that the shadows do not interfere with the subject. Make it look like there are two subjects, one the iron and one the shadows. Move the iron forward so the background is not shown. that is that the whole subject is shown on the floor and there is no wall shown. Put that photo into your keepers book. Again, very nice work.

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