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I found an odd (in my experience) size anvil. It's a size 0 Vulcan in ok condition.

My question is... Who were these marketed to, and are people collecting them now? I'm probably going to grab it.. It's just too cool.


Anyway, chime in if you have seen one before!

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I've not seen a 0 Vulcan but have a #10 in my shop, my first anvil. Been using it 30 + years and love it because it's quiet. The rebound is not as good as our Hay Budden or MP cast steel farriers anvil but for the light work it's just fine. Vulcan's were marketed to low end shops, farms etc. As far as I know not much of a collector's market.

How much does the 0 actually weigh? Our #10 weighs 110 pounds. The hardened steel plates are a little thin so if no one has taken a grinder to it and it passes the ring & rebound test, I would probably get it if the price was right. There is an antique dealer in our area that has 4 Vulcan's in terrible shape and he wants $6.00 U.S. a pound for them (outrageous in my opinion). I wouldn't go over $1.50 or $2.00 a pound for one in good to excellent shape.

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