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Getting into the trade!


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Hi all!  I am just getting into the trade.  Like, I have had a couple basic lessons and have made a bad leaf and helped make a bottle opener.  Really new!  

I am working on setting up a little shop.  I have an ASO (8 inch rail section that I need to mount) and a small forge (Whitlox Mini-Forge), a few hammers and one set of tongs.  

If there are any smiths that I can meet in the Beaverton/Forest Grove area, I would love to make some connections.  I am in the mode of consuming as much media and watching blacksmithing as much as I can while I get a space setup to actually forge in.  Looking forward to learning from and hopefully meeting some of you! 


**also, looking for an anvil.....**

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Howdy and welcome aboard,

Im not from your area but I know there is an active community out that way.  There is so much for you to learn here...prepare to read a lot.

start here: Read This First

Everyone here will tell you to start reading the forge sections and decide if you want to use coal (bituminous blacksmithing coal or anthracite) or gas.  I don’t think people stick with wood forges for very long.  I’d suggest you check out the JABOD thread.  Just a box of dirt forges are easy, cheap, and awesome.  

You already have an anvil, just not a classic style anvil.  An ASO is something made like an anvil  but not made out of tough enough materials.  Your railroad track is plenty tough enough.  Take a look at the improvised anvil thread for ideas to mount it.  Many people choose to mount railroad track anvils vertically to get more out of the mass.

My last advice is to buy tongs before anything else!  Working with the wrong tongs is dangerous, slows down your work, slows your learning curve, and leads to nothing but frustration.  It’s a quick way to quit blacksmithing.  

Have fun learning!



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