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Prayers for William


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Dear All,

We have a family friend named William. He's one of Lisa's former coworkers and has been a close friend for years; both kids call him "Uncle William". 

William is HIV-positive and has been for many years. The medications that had reduced his viral load to "undetectable" are no longer working, and unless the doctors find a new medication that (A) works and (B) doesn't itself make him sick, he's going to be in a pretty bad way.

Please say a prayer for him.


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William, his family and friends are on the list. I've lost acquaintances and friends to AIDS and know more who have it under "control". We may call it HIV positive but it's the same sword of Damocles.  It's a horrible disease.

I pray for William, all who suffer and for a cure soonest.

Frosty The Lucky.

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Thank you, Dale. 

Your mother’s words remind me contrarywise of what we used to say about Lisa’s grandfather, who survived WWII (as a merchant seaman on the North Atlantic convoys), getting shot, getting stabbed, having brain cancer, and a couple of heart attacks: “God don’t want him, and the devil ain’t ready!”

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