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I Forge Iron

Hello from Romania! A new/old hobby startup!


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Hello guys,

I'm glad that i found a forum on blacksmithing. I'm in love with this hobby since i was a child. I'm 26 now and i want to seriously start blacksmihting. Maybe who knows, it will become a full time job (depends on my ambition). Back in the days of my childhood i was hammering (cold) nails or big screws in little knifes. Sometimes i used to ruin my grandmothers table spoons, pounding them and making them straight to cut weeds. In that moment i've learned that you could make a blade only with a hammer and an improvised anvil.

So it begins. Now, as i told you, i'm 26 and eager to learn and startup my forge in my grandparents backyard. My job is based on words (journalist), but i always wanted to work with my hands and imagination. I practice archery and had some experiments with wood, but it's too delicate for my taste... too pretentious. I would love to be a bladesmith, but the future will tell me if i'm worthy. 

I am reading as much as i can on this forum and thank you guys for all the precious information. If you have any tips for a newbie, i'm listening. 

Tomorrow i will start to make a plan where to set up my forge (before i build it) and my workbench. Hopefully i will also start to forge some iron. I've bought some today. My concerns are that it shouldn't be galvanized, because of the fumes that will result in forging. I've asked the shop clerk and he told me that i've picked the right one... but he was kinda bored with his job... and i still have some concerns. I know that you can test the metal with magnets, but is that enough?

P.S. Sorry for my typos... i'm not an english native speaker.

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Welcome from the desert just outside of Fabulous Las Vegas Nevada.

A magnet will only show that it is iron based. Galvanized steel is easy to spot by the color-light silvery gray, or gold depending on which was used, Most nuts and bolts today are galvanized. Most steel from a supplier is bare, unless galvanized is called for.

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