My shop built power hammer, Photo heavy

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Original build.



The anvil was 2 pieces of c-channel filled with sand and oil capped with a rail track. It was a terrible design. Here is the original video.


Now here is the rebuild.

Cut out the old anvil.


Here is the new anvil. Almost 500 lbs


using a forklift tine to add 20 lbs to the tup.

20180706_121525.thumb.jpg.6fc1e9a3a3445c96391e6d2564cc16bf.jpg.e7dd474492f025c6a9b974e8d239451b.jpg 20180731_151835.thumb.jpg.658a20f1991ac098659f25ebd4d8a8d1.jpg.69d72fd79a075cb0c0d28bca7de11474.jpg20180731_200902.thumb.jpg.f264c0d3c98abb2fdaf821043131632e.jpg.0b78da5ca916013a830bf5b9be2398fa.jpg

getting ready to weld new anvil in


Built a new guide so it isnt metal on metal.


used a different forklift tine for dies.


and here it is done with a video.



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Seems to hit pretty well. Any plans to anchor it down, to minimize the wobble?

(And thank you for the honesty of “It was a terrible design”!)

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Oh yeah i forgot to mention i am building a wooden base to bolt it down on and it will get anchored to the floor in the shop. Right now it is in the garage where i have 220 power for the welder. I will update it when its set in place. I am also going to add some gussets to help brace everything and make some guards and sides for it. Oh yeah i also have another 250 lbs of steel to add to the anvil but i want to do some experimenting with anvil to tup ratios.  Right now it's 1:5.5 ratio. If i feel it could use some more weight i have all kinds of forklift tines i can weld to it.  Thank you for the kind comments. And honesty is the best way to go especially if i can get people to learn from my mistakes.

Thank you for the edits also i forgot about the paper clip for attaching video.

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Quite a project, I tip my hat to you for figuring it out and doing all the fabrication.  Once you get that baby bolted down I think you'll be in fine shape.  The great thing is that you built it so you can fix it

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Got it on its wooden base and some more supports so it doesn't twist anymore. Now it's time to get it moved out to the shop and anchored down to the concrete.


Next I'm adding a brake and a spring to pull the motor down and the brake into the tire. And I'm going to swap the motor out with a 1750 rpm and add a VFD so I can have crazy control over it.

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