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Kimbark postdrill

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I recently acquired a post drill that has “Kimbark” molded on the main body. Under that is ”Chicago”.  Anybody have any background on the company?  Maybe could tell me where to get more info?  Idea’s on how to figure out a model or it’s age or value before I start tearing in to it to restore it and mount it in my shop?  Any ideas on how I can pursue details is appreciated.  Googling didn’t get me too far. 

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Their catalog was a huge book.  Apparently their main business was wagon makers supplies.  There is a text scan of their catalog online here https://archive.org/stream/SDKimbarkCoCatalogue1903/SD Kimbark Co Catalogue 1903_djvu.txt but it does not include the photos.  It does include a bit of company history but I didn't read far.  Will get the shovel and dig a little deeper...

Here's a large newspaper ad showing they were also heavy into raw steel material sales in addition to the many other items related to wagons/buggies/carriages  https://newspaperarchive.com/chicago-commercial-advertiser-nov-22-1877-p-14/

And there is a link about Kimbark anvils on this site  https://www.iforgeiron.com/topic/34342-sd-kimbark-anvil/

If you do a google image search for S. D. Kimbark there are a couple of photos of the building including one interior shot of wood parts...and if you search on Seneca D. Kimbark there is a bit of history on the owner.  Can't seem to find anything specific on the post drills though.  Many people are selling catalog copies but there doesn't seem to be much online in terms of catalog page images.



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Thanks for the info.  I did a search and was able to download a pdf of the entire 1875 catalog, pics and all. Interesting reading in the blacksmith section.

Funny , though, when I did an image search for "S.D. Kimbark Drill", the fourth image was my  Gill-Man avatar.  ROFLMAO



Also, 'round about the 20th image is an advertisement to order the catalog and there are two drills and an anvil pictured.  The drill on the right looks pretty much exactly like my drill.


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