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My truck donated this to me......

Cannon Cocker

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A couple of weeks ago my dodge 3500 donated its tie rod end to my scrap metal pile. I just wish that it didn't take out my tire in the process!


I don't know what kind of metal these are made out of so I don't know what any practical projects would be. I was thinking things like hot chisels, hammer eye punches, drifts, things like that. But again I'm not sure of the metal or heat trading process for it. 

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Funny I got 89 hits searching      tie rods site:iforgeiron.com       on google.

You did read the suggest thread on how to get the most out of this forum including the warning to NOT use the native search on the forum but to use the browser search instead, right?

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I have been using tie rods to make top tools with. I have not heat treated them. They have held up so far, granted they are not used every day. Should make a very serviceable drift, depending on what it is you are drifting.

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Center links are tough grades of steel 4000 series alloys most of the time.

When I put a 1,200# show steer under my 01 3500 it bent the center link. Unfortunately the body shop had already gotten rid of it before I got back to pick the truck up.

So, make items that need toughness over hardness.

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