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Holland Anvil Swage Block 1

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Doug, not sure pricing yet. I do not want to speculate on line either as it causes issues. We need to dial in packaging. There is a good chance there will be a discount with 2 purchased as we hope to get 2 in a flat rate box. Shipping is always the tough part on heavy items

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On 10/2/2018 at 12:27 PM, foundryguy said:

My son is going to put one on ebay for $200 in hopes it takes care of some of the re-sellers. I would rather the end user buy them at the OEM price we are charging. Its a work in progress! 

Assuming it is your sons ebay page, I see that he did this. It is the first listing I see when I searched for "Holland Anvil Swage". Good job at undercutting the upsellers.


I am an infrequent user of this forum and happened upon this thread after seeing an upsellers $275 craigslist ad for your swage block and going straight to Google to see what I could find about it. Now when it is time for me to purchase I know where to go. 

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This is my sons latest swage block. He forwarded me this photo and i do not have size details other than it is 63 lbs and 3 inches thick. He is making one small change to the tool on Monday, adding 3/8 height so there is a bit more separation between the large hex and large round as i did not like the narrow condition between them. Sides are tapered for molding, all holes are cored without draft. The final version should be 67 lbs and I will post details with sizes of features next week. 

Happy Thanksgiving 


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Mr. Holland.

Just an observation, and a suggestion.

Is it necessary line up the set of round forms,  from the smallest to the largest?

Doing that situates the largest sizes near the corner. placing the largest size in the center of the line-up makes for sturdier corners that would have less tendency to break off.

Yes the smith would have to be slightly more careful when selecting the most suitable 'hole'.  But we can manage it.

The same observation applies to hex forms, in the block.

In other words,  efficacy should win out over a  traditional swage block lay-out.

The block is a nice design for a functional tool.  Good job.

Just Sayyin,


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We are making a change to the top left corner of the block but other than that the tool is done. My son drew it up and replacement would set us back weeks or months as my tool shop has a 3 month backlog. I think at 3 inches thick it will be plenty stable? We have a 14 x 14 x 3 block in the works and that gives us a lot more room for design ideas. Have a great day.

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Found a holland swage on ebay, then found your website, where it was a little cheaper, then came to iforgeiron to checkout reviews on it.

Not bad when the manufacturer is on the forum.

I'll be honest, when I saw the price I also thought for a split second about buying a few extra and selling them locally at a mark-up. I'll stick with just showing it off at the local blacksmithing guild (assuming I like the product, but it seems good.)

Now I just need to decide which model I want.

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Hey Dan, thank you for checking us out. We put them on Ebay as others were reselling them there at a large markup. It has been a good way to reach people that normally would not find our products and put an end to online sellers. We add a bit of $ to the price as Ebay takes a pretty good cut of sales. My son did the website, we launched it last week and had our first sale on it yesterday. We make everything ourselves, outsource the heat treat and blanchard grinding on the anvils. Our blocks are right from the foundry and you may wish to polish them up or use as is. Have a great day!

btw, we have a double shovel swage block coming out next week! 

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 I have just placed an order for the cone mandrel and the 50 lb swage block from your web site. I would like to thank you for manufacturing these. I have been looking for a small cone and I thing this will work right nicely.  Have a great weekend. Look foward to using them. 

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On 9/5/2018 at 10:46 AM, foundryguy said:

selling for a $75 markup from what we can see. Asking $150 over delivered price. I probably get some advertising out of it but if I wanted a middle man I would hook up with one of the many distributors that have asked to sell my products.

If you are getting your full asking price, does it really matter if someone else sells it for more? It's American capitalism at its finest in my opinion. They have access to customers you don't, willing to pay more for your product. I have a friend who makes weaving benches. He sells them direct, and he provides them to textile shops who mark the benches up 40% and sell them. My friend says it doesn't matter to him who buys the benches or what they do with the benches, like reselling, as long as he gets his asking price up front. Fortunately for me, I'm close enough to buy your products direct. I like that!

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