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Arm and Hammer serial number 26471

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I am looking for information on an Arm and HAMMER anvil I recently inherited, it was not from a blood family member buy someone I consider just as close and it was her fathers. I don't care as much for a price but history is anyone may have it based on info and pics. I have done lots of reading and have come to see that it is a very good anvil, and all the forums I have read, there seems to be a lot of history out there from individuals more so than complied on some website or some server out there. I live in Warner Robins GA and the best I know central Georgia has always been home to this Anvil. Any info to.include year and who knows maybe someone has seen or even hit this piece of history before. If anymore info is needed just let me know thanks in advance.  

Arm and HAMMER logo on one side with what looks.like 108# on one side and SERIAL number under the horn which from what I can tell is 27471. I have not cleaned this other than a light wire brush to help with the areas that are stamped, it seems to me to be in great shape, again thanks in advance.








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14 minutes ago, WildBill1 said:

I live in Warner Robins GA

Welcome to IFI... we won't remember your location after leaving this post, hence the suggestion to edit your profile to show it. Someone who has a copy of AIA will be along shortly with info on your anvil. The only thing I know about the A&H is they are good anvils. This thread will help with getting the best out of the forum.


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