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Weird welding rod ID question

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I picked up an auction lot recently of a bunch of welding and brazing rod that went so cheap that I couldn't pass it up.  Lots of stainless rod which I will use...but among the packages was one that doesn't ring a bell for me.

It's a hand written package marked "cast iron rod".  The rods are roughly 1/4" square and look to be made of cast iron.  I've not see bare cast iron rods before for welding--just the usual flux coated rod or alternatives for TIG welding. An internet search is hosed with the common stuff so I can't see a similar rod.

Possibly for very large fills?  Without flux, I assume unpleasant things would happen in the oxygenated weld zone.

I was hoping someone could enlighten me on this square rod as I haven't seen it before.   I doubt I'll ever use it...and there are only about 10 pcs x 24" sticks anyway.  Just trying to learn something here.

And yes, I know it's a long-shot without an actual label to go from so I understand generic answers.




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Yep John dialed it in , I have done this & works well for cast iron * Henrod torch is SO Cool !!  Great for brazing also !! & can cut as Good as a Plasma torch once you get used to it & run's on 4 Psi ox/ac so saves gas money for something else !

I hardly ever use my victor torch anymore

Steve's Welding

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Thanks for the info.  Maybe I will use the stuff as I have several cast iron items to do repairs on.  I usually TIG them with a stainless rod because of the control but I'll get some flux and give these rods a try just for the heck of it.

Thanks again


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Yea, I looked into that Henrob torch after it was mentioned.  Not cheap for a set but it sure would be nice in the long run.  It's on my list of goodies that I'm trying to convince myself are worth buying for my business.

I've got to buy a really expensive fancy cold-wire-feed TIG set-up for a CNC welder that I am building and maybe I can slip the Henrob in on that and pretend it's a "necessary accessory"

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They are amazing *IF* you put the time and practice into gaining the skills to use them. Otherwise you may want to put the money into a plasma cutter and CNC it....Not the same use but if you are going CNC an excellent adjunct!

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