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To make your IForgeIron visit more enjoyable, we have developed a Table of Contents to help you locate information. Currently there are over 48,000 questions and close to 575,000 answers. Some of the questions and the full discussion may take a while to read. It is not a sprint, but a learning experience. Read the areas of interest to you, then take the information to the forge. The forge will solidify the information, and lay the foundation for the next level or learning.

If you have questions, please ask them in the forum as a reply to that thread. Tell us what you read, what happened when you took it to the forge, and then ask for additional information. If you have a new question, please give us as much information as possible, to help us develop an answer to your question.

IForgeIron is a G rated family forum where you can relax, get comfortable, and enjoy learning about the craft. We suggest that you pack a lunch and a cold drink, choose a section or subsection of interest and read. Please enjoy your visit and welcome to the site.



The site is set up with the following sections. Scroll down to see the sections AND subsections. Most titles in blue should be click to go links.















Blacksmithing, General Discussion

Anvils, Swage Blocks, and Mandrels

Stands for Anvils, Swage Blocks, etc


Blacksmith Tooling


Heat Treating, general discussion

Building, Designing a Shop

Problem Solving

Alchemy, Formulas, Fluxes, etc

Metal Sculpture & Carvings

Cold Worked Iron and Steel

The Business Side of Blacksmithing

Smelting, Melting, Foundry, and Casting

Member Projects





Machinery General Discussions

Power Hammers, Treadle Hammers, Olivers


Grinders, Sanders, etc

Drills, Post drills, Mag drills, etc


MIlls, Milling machines, etc

Saws, bandsaws, hack saws, etc






Knife Making

Knife making Class General Class Discussion

Knife Making Classes

Axes, Hatchets, Hawks, Choppers, etc

Chisels, Gouges, etc

Finish and Polish

Folding Knives

Heat Treating Knives, Blades etc

Historical Blades

Spears, Arrows, Pole arms, Mace/hammer etc.






General Metal Specific Discussion

Aluminum Alloys

Copper Alloys

Mokume Gane

Non-ferrous metal - heat treating


Titanium Alloys





Welding/Fab General Discussion

Welder's beginers course





Introduce Yourself

Events, Hammer ins, Where to meet

Everything Else

Book Reviews


Vulcan's Grill, food recipes

Farriers and Horse stuff

Shop Tips n' Tricks

Gunsmithing, Muskets, Flintlocks etc



Section STORE


Shirts, Apparel, Wearable goods

Gas Forge Refractories and Supplies

Hand HammersBooks,

Printed Material



Section SAFETY


Safety discussions

Personal Protection Equipment

Zinc, galvanized, and coatings





In Case of Emergency

Prayer List







United Kingdom


United States

South Africa


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  • Glenn unlocked this topic

Looks much better Glenn. The Stickies section is much better than before it actually has a table of contents I still don't know of a good term that's self explanatory and a better description of a table of links sort of thingy.  

This is a BIG step in the right direction it'll make the Iforge archived info more manageable to folks. 

I still think Stickies should have their own section but this is a big improvement, thanks for all the hard work.

Frosty The Lucky.


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  • 8 months later...

Charles's reference applies to any new subject, you (the general you) have to work your way up to ignorant about that subject.  That is to say you have to gain some amount of knowledge so you can then navigate your way to more knowledge.  This includes the words and terms specific to that subject.   

IForgeIron is a big place with almost 52,000 questions and over 633,000 answers. This is one reason the article READ THIS FIRST was written.  It lists how to easily blend into the group. The Table of Contents listed in the article is just a copy of the front page of the forum.  Simply, the anvils are in the anvil section, etc.

Sit back with a cold drink . Start with those areas or sections your interested in, and go from there.  If you have questions, just ask. Tell us what you found and then want specifically you need to know. Someone will point you in the right direction.  We want you to succeed.

Enjoy your visit,

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  • 2 weeks later...

Be warned; topics often get hijacked or wander astray; but not all who wander are lost...Learning how to effectively search for stuff in this big pile is probably one of the most important parts of Read This First!

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On 12/24/2019 at 6:52 PM, karluche said:

I'm not real bright, and my wife reminds me of that,

I think that ability is in their genes, mine is darned good at it. 

A good method of searching here because of the huge volume of posts on any given subject is to first Skim the categories , then skim the sub categories, then skim the thread subjects and finally the posts that interest you. I know it's complicated but it's a huge site without a professional staff keeping everything in order, it's a first posted first listed sort of place.

I think I've read almost all the posts in the last 15 years, when I wasn't in or fresh out of a coma that is and I find myself skimming and circling in on what I'm looking for all the time. The "Read This First" section is REALLY helpful. 

Frosty The Lucky.

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