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Hi Everyone. I've been reading IFI for a while and found so much great info on here I've never found the need to post. However I stumbled across an anvil for sale and Knew this would be the group to ask.  I know from the pics it's a JHM. According to the seller it's 'vintage' and weighs 100-120lbs. It looks like it's in pretty good shape. They're asking $300. What do you think?



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Where is it located? Prices vary depending upon location in the world and different locations within the states. Seems to me there have been several threads about JHM anvils, $2.00-2.50 U.S. in my area wouldn't be unreasonable.

Have you read this thread yet?


BTW... welcome

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Yes, I've rad that thread. I haven't added anything to my profile yet as I noticed immediately that I accidentally posted this in the thread I was reading (anvil reviews) instead of in Anvils, Swage Blocks and Mandrels :-/ and have been trying to figure out how to change it. 

I'm in Las Vegas, NV, the anvil is in Arizona. 

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Where in AZ? Kingman would not be that bad of a drive - 1.5 hours, but Phoenix is a 6 hour drive each way. JHM is still made today, and a company called Anvil Brand sells them. One of my anvils is a 125# JHM Journeyman and it is a nice anvil. $300 is high for me especially with the drive thrown in for an anvil that size. One standard sized forklift fork will give you a heavier anvil (150# or so).

That is their 90# model, and it sells for $561 new. Check their site for more details.

To me , 90# is too small for general work. I would suggest 150# as a more shop sized anvil. I got my JHM with a forge and tools from a retired farrier in Las Vegas a few years ago, and like I said it is a good anvil....but you can get started for a LOT less (under $100 and more weight).



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Thank you guys for your input!

I went ahead and picked it up.

Turns out there was a little miscommunication and the anvil was actually in Henderson less than 10 miles away. (I've lived in Henderson for 3 yrs now and still habitually tell people I live in Vegas, sorry about that.) I've added my location to my profile so I don't have to worry about that particular slip of the tongue again.

It is a bit small but that's kind of a plus for me right now.

@Steven511 - I'll keep you in mind if I run across another decent anvil. 

Thanks again!

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