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Anvil Type and #'s

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Hello all,

I was given this anvil and was wondering what the cut in the side is for and what #'s stamped on side mean.

It's quite large, DIY RR anvil on left is 12" long

Fisher 1926







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That is a Fisher Blacker anvil, made for the Blacker power hammer.  The cutout was for the transversing hammer head and allowed half on, half off hammer blows.

Do a YouTube search for Blacker Power Hammer and you'll see it in action.

There were at least 5 different anvil makes that made anvils for the Blacker hammer over time.

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Check to see if it weighs around 466 pounds with the other number being a serial for Blacker use IIRC.

(I have a Blacker Power Hammer Fisher anvil too that came out of a RR shop in Columbus OH, it's used as my main shop anvil.  2 1.5" hardy holes---see my posts on converting cheap damaged top tools into nice expensive hardy hole tooling for them.)

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