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Help identify anvil marked JAH

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JAH = Just Add Hammer?

Welcome aboard Kilo66, glad to have you. If you'll put your general location in the header you might be surprised how many members live within visiting distance.

Looks to be in nice condition, have you given it a rebound test? 

Frosty The Lucky.

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Yes, this is one of mine. The logo is actually my initials and I use it as my mark as well. I like the just add hammer saying. The pattern has been altered a couple of times. Here's the new version, so I am uncertain of the numbers, but this particular pattern with this mark is a limited edition. The new variation is available with or without the shelf/extension. The first change to the pattern was to recess the logo. 

continental shelf.jpg

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PS. The anvil that was in the original question to be indentified is owned and used by The Old Fort Niagara Association. They set up a shed to demonstrate Blacksmithing near the site where the Frech and later British each had a shop. They chose my double horn due to a reference of the French having a double horned anvil. While this one is not patterned after a period piece (and they know that,) they thought it could be close based on early images. 


On 7/26/2018 at 9:22 AM, stevomiller said:

Jymm, have you ever considered a version with the South German transition betwixt the horn and face/body?

Love the patterns you’ve done thus far!


Not at this time. 

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Thanks Jymm.  I'm a smith at Ft Niagara.  I thought it was one of your anvils but someone else from the fort said it was a much older anvil.  Appreciate your help.  Also, I started using one of your hammers purchased by the fort and I really like it.  Nice work.  I may be getting one for my home smithy.  

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