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Fair Price for Vise?


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Looking for some relatively quick opinions. Came across a Columbian 4.5" leg Vise on Craigslist. Guy doesn't think it's hardly been used and is asking $120. Trying to gauge if that's fair as I don't see anything to compare it too that size. eBay put it in the ballpark if not maybe a little better Everybody by me is trying to sell 6"-8" for upwards of a $1000. Thanks! 



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That's about what a good 4-1/2" would be around here..but the range is pretty wide.  I picked up a pretty rusty 4-1/2" at auction the other day for $ 70--scabbed mounting bracket, a bit overly rusty, but the screw and jaws are not beat.

Be sure you see a close-up of the threads on the screw to make sure it's not overly worn--even if the rest looks "perfect", it's the threads that count.

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I get mine for around $10 per inch of jaw width. My last one was a Columbian in excellent shape out of a wood shop for $40, and they probably would have gone even lower as I found out if I had not bought it , it was headed to the thrift store.

Saw an 8" listed a couple of years ago for $80, and I should have called in sick and drove down there to get it as it was in excellent condition.

Vises are not rare and many businesses besides smiths used them. They are also still being made new today.

Personally I would try and bargain some, but if it is in good shape and you can afford it, get it. Also see if he has anything else he can toss in. Besides the anvil, a good post vise is a must in a smithy.

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