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Canadian Blower & Forge Co questions?


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Good day folks!  First post here after reading what I could from different topics.   Will be adding more to this post and answer any questions people have but my first question will be I see what looks to be an oil plug and top and bottom.  There is nothing in the bottom hole though.   How should I be lubricating this?  Not sure if I should be an oil bath and missing the plug or adding oil from the top before usage?   Looking at the  casting i'm not sure if It was designed for a gasket due to a  raised bump at the bottom to seal things up so I'm doubting its an oil bath.  I could make a cork gasket if it should have one though.   Leaning towards coating things in ATF fluid and drip add as needed or the other idea of lithium grease and leave it.

plug bottom.JPG

plug top.JPG




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On 7/13/2018 at 9:53 AM, ShaneMac said:

First post here after reading what I could

Have you read this post yet?


I'm thinking that the blower uses a splash oil system like the Champion blowers. Just enough oil for the bottom gear to run in and pick up oil to distribute it to all gears & shaft's. It should have a plug in the bottom and sealant between the case.

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On my Buffalo and Champion I used thin .02”~ Manila folder and RTV.

I agree the drip/splash oil is probably what it was designed for.

Degunk it, assemble axle shafts in with light grease, lube the gear teeth with oil and then oil it ever so often thru the oil hole up top.

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