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Building Forges and Fire Pots for the group

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I am currently building forges to increase the opportunities for members to have forge time, and so that we can offer classes.  At the moment I am working on two forges and fire pots.

To make the template for the fire pots I took a five inch wide piece of steel and drew a line perpendicular to the edges.  I then measured 2.5" each way from the top of that line and 5" each way from the bottom of the line.  I then connected those point and cut out the template.  Because all four sides of the fire pot are the same, I could then cut all the sides by simply flipping the steel on the saw for each cut. 

The forge shown here is still under construction and will receive lips around the sides of the table and a fabricated tuyer.

Forge 2 Labeled.jpg

Firepots and template Labeled.jpg

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Progress yesterday: Flat stock, 1” by 1/4” was welded around the edges of each forge, with a space for a project to enter the forge level with the top of the fire pot. This forge is basically tacked together. If it cools off tonight, I may go out to the shop and spend an hour of so welding on it. The photo gives an idea of what the forge will end up looking like, once finished welding and tuyer added.  I modified the design to incorporate features that I saw at the June ABANA conference on the forges built by the New England Blacksmiths Assoc.

Forge with lip labeled.jpg

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On 7/19/2018 at 9:32 AM, Smokeyred said:

How thick is the firebox steel? and how thick is the steel for the hearth and hood and flue......John

I built from what was on hand.  The firepot steel was 1/4" thick. I plan on using 1/2" thick plate for the third firepot, because that was recently given to me.  The hearth was what was on hand, diamondplate about 3/16" to 1/4" thick.  If 1/8" was available, I would have used that for the table of the forge...... There will be no hearth or flue because they will be used outside of the shop, and moved back inside when not in use. 

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Greetings Dave, 

          Gosh I never made a mistake like that... Yea right...  What I do is make a removable weight on the lever which keeps the clinker breaker in position. Keeps the air flow consistent.  Have fun. 


Forge get on and make beautiful things 



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I plan on delivering it to the Steam Show Association blacksmith shop, if possible, on Sunday.  I also have to prep the edges of an anvil, make an anvil stand, clean up a blower, that may or may not be ready by Sunday.  .... Then I have to finish the second forge, and accompanying equipment, and then repair and mount vises on movable stands, then make tongs and other tooling, then look at starting another forging station.  ..... 

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