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The Blacksmith’s Project Book

Antonello Rizzo

ISBN 978-0-9979798-2-4

Hardcover, 248 pages, over 900 color photos


Mr. Rizzo has assembled a very nice overview of 20 projects as done by skilled artists. These are not your run-of-the-mill blacksmithing projects, but are nearly all sculptural in nature. You get a chance to see how a professional gets to the end result they want, which is a real treat, and with 900 color photographs it has a lot to offer.

Many of the smiths in the book may be familiar-the most notable being Zeevik Gottlieb,who shows you his main steps in creating a steel figure. The photos are close, clear and very informative, giving you a good look at a real master at work.

Another particularly interesting project is the eye-opening design and construction of a Venetian door knocker. Seeing the layout will spur you to consider the proportions you use in your own work so you can reap the results as well.

All in all, I think this is a worthy follow up to Mr. Rizzo’s previous book and is definitely worth your time, especially if you are looking to expand your own work artistically and differentiate your projects from others.

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