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Flooded Forge

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Have an outdoors smithy, they said.

It doesn’t rain in Nevada, they said.


Not my best moment of my smithing career, but I think everything but the bottom pieces in my charcoal box is relatively dry.


Having a fold away hobo forge did seem to come in handy, so at least there’s that. Over near the bucket and pile of bricks is where my setup used to be, which is now covered in about 2-3 inches of water. Glad I came out to check on it halfway through the storm, but I possibly ruined some slippers in the process.

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Actually, that is my primary station. I plop an old cast iron pot in the chair with some piping on the bottom, and voila. I do it mainly because I have to switch houses every other week, and don't have the tools to set up a permanent forge at both of them, so I went mobile. The chair forge gives pretty good heat, though my tie plate anvil could use some work. Hopefully I'll have the cash to buy a real anvil soon!

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I'm making mostly decorative things like leaves, hooks, etc right now. I plan on making more punches, chisels, and some small (9-10 inch) knives soon though. Thanks for the offer on a better anvil, but this one works well enough and I'm gonna get a real 80 pounder in a couple weeks.

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