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I haven't seen this in person yet just the picture. Is there any reason for what appears to be holes above the waist? I will be doing the ball bearing test on it tomorrow after work. Supposed to be 140 pounds. Thanks in advance.



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You could always use the holes as a way to get them to come down on the price.  I think that's worth a $1.00 off a pound.  Gets me to thinking that if you do get it and filled the holes with silicone caulk if it would kill the ring.  It would be worth a try.

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I didn't even make an offer on it. The best I could get was 60 percent the length of the face. My beat up ugly Vulcan is 80 percent from the horn to the hardy hole. All I would have gained would have been a prettier anvil. Thanks for the input. Thomas you made me smile with that first response.

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