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photos needed

Steve Sells

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9 hours ago, ThomasPowers said:

He needs pictures he can obtain permission to use in a book I believe and so random ones on the net won't work.

correct.making the pattern isnt the same as having a good photo ready pattern for print

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You can request permission from the copyright owner if you find images you want to use. It's not difficult (I speak from experience), esp. if the copyright owner is in the U.S. I may even have an Agreement you could adapt to fit your circumstances. (Ping me if you want a copy.)

This is pretty common as it's cheaper to clear copyrighted material than create it.

You may also want to consider using a stock image (they're available)---before anyone gets all "stock images suck, you hack" on me, this has also gotten really common and stock collections have gotten pretty good. Depending on what rights you need (territory, media, duration) and print run, this can be very inexpensive especially for nonexclusive electronic book in a specialty market.

A quick look at Getty Images's terms tells me that for some images, they charge a flat fee based on file size with nonexclusive global all-uses licensing. Other stock image companies may handle their licensing differently, so YMMV.

Either of these scenarios do have additional requirements like requiring photo credit and sometimes limiting the kind of image editing you can do, but the use agreement will have those terms spelled out. So this may be worth looking at.

I am not a lawyer. My lawyers make me say this.

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