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Southern German anvil logo identification! help please

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so apologies if there is a specific place to post this sort of question but i'm genuinely stumped on this anvil logo. i know that the shape is a double horned south german pattern anvil made in the year 1939.. but i cant quite make out the writing.

for now these are the best photo's i have, but will post more as soon as i have them!


any help in finding out anything about this would be immensely appreciated!




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Drev - looks like nobody has information on your anvil.  I wouldn't assume that those number are 1939 as a year - could be, might not be.  That seems kinda late for me for anvil manufacturing, but anvils were made well past that date.  At any rate, sorry for giving you no information, but you have an anvil there that is highly desirable in America so count your blessings.  In the end, it doesn't really matter who made the anvil but more what you can do with it and how well it performs for you.  The square plate in the front is a great feature called and upsetting plate.  This is for when you heat a section of stock and hit one end of it upsetting the heated part which makes it wider than the original diameter of the stock.  A very useful feature.  Check out Christ Centered Ironworks on Youtube.  Roy has the same type of anvil and if you contact him he may have some information for you.

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I would assume that 1939 is the manufacturing date, German makers made anvils right up to the end of the war and then restarted production afterwards. Pedinghaus and Reffinghaus are examples that are are still being produced. Your best bet for finding out who manufactured your anvil would be to contact Josh Greenwood or you could look up anvils4sale, they import quality European blacksmithing tools. 

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thankyou so much for the replies everyone. i never thought i would become so intrigued by a lump of metal- but anvils are truly the most interactive antiques ive ever come across and i look forward to using this for the rest of my life. 

 you guys are awesome :D especially MC and NoName!


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