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VFD 10hp


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The Anyang 50 ton forging press has caught my eye. It only comes with a 3 phase motor, and the US rep doesn’t think it will work with a vfd.

My current press is 5hp 3 phase and functions just fine on a vfd as long as its sized to allow for momentary overload amperage (150% or in this case a 7.5hp vfd).

It prevents the vfd from kicking out everytime the relief valve blows.

For the 10hp Anyang I would utilize a 15 to 18hp vfd.

Anyone ever run into situation where a proper vfd wouldnt work with a 3 phase motor?

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From what I have seen, the Anyang press uses a swash-plate pump with a system that varies the swash-plate angle, and thereby the pump stroke, on system pressure. I don't think it will give the instantaneous overload in normal operation that a more conventional constant-displacement pump will. It seems to be a particularly elegant design, giving high speed at low load and high force at low speed, without needing a motor that is capable of providing high force at high speed. The 25-ton seems remarkably capable.

I gather the newer ones are/will be using a "better" control system which might reduce the potential for overload still further.

Most of the problems associated with running motors on VFDs have long since been ironed out.

I think the reason the Anyang presses might struggle to run on a VFD is probably not down to the motor but down to the control system. I have a feeling the control system uses one phase of the supply and that the coil voltage for the solenoid valves needs to be at their rated Voltage. VFDs vary the Voltage and frequency together, so putting a VFD on the supply side would mean that there is not a constant supply Voltage. I'm also not sure a PWM supply would play nice with the coils and/or the PLC. 

A Rotary Phase Converter should work ok though. A static Phase Converter might be ok too, if you ensure that the control phase is the "real" one, not one of the derived phases. 

I suspect a good electrician could get an Anyang press to work on a VFD by juggling the wiring so the control is fed off the single incoming phase and the VFD and motor are fed seperately, but it would be a lot of faffing about and would probably not be something the importer could support.

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