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Billy Salyers

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Long time reader, 1st time poster. I started smithing in August of 2017. Up to that point, I'd never done anything with fire of metal. I've learned a lot by reading the discussions here. I just finished this knife, about 10 months after starting. I like how it turned out, but more than anything, I know it represents how much I have to learn. Thanks for all the help you've given so far, even if you didn't know it.


The knife is an 8 inch Kiritsuke. The Damascus I forged from bandsaw and strapping. The layer count is around 126 give or take a few layers of grinding. I was going for a little higher, but stopped here20180613_165131.thumb.jpg.23503c98d29184f9663bfa0c229ac806.jpg

The handle is ebony and Cocobolo with a hidden tang, a copper spacer, and a single square brass pin. 



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Thanks Steve. 

On 6/14/2018 at 4:04 PM, Latticino said:

Extraordinary first blade.  I've got to up my game...

Sorry if I wasn't clear.  It's the first blade I've posted here.  I try to make about once a week. So,  since I started on August,  I've made a couple of dozen or so. 

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