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Purchased a forge, just learned about Kaowol


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I just purchased a forge. I am a noob to all things blacksmith, have been reading/watching/learning all that I can. I was talking about this forge with another owner, asking how he liked it and he brought up  Kaowool. 

Apparently the ceramic fibers break down at high heat and therefore you need to seal it with Kastolite 30.

I work as a diesel mechanic for a FL theme park, so I am well aware of always using good PPE/hazards of asbestos fibers but not ceramic, but definitely on board with doing it right and safe

I am kind of bummed, I was looking forward to getting the forge but having to worry about health risks with this too, its like one day without something that could kill you would be a nice reprieve lol

I will definitely grab the kastolite 30 and seal it but are the worries overblown? Should I possibly go with another forge builder?


Thanks for your time


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Welcome to IFI... I suggest reading this thread to get the best out of the forum.


The worries are not overblown, but are easy to remedy.


Rigidize the Kaowool to seal in the fibers prior to applying the Kastolite.



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