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Over Thinking my Mount???

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My stump is 48'' tall X 24'' diam.  24'' of it is buried in the ground. I have used it this way for a couple months and I find myself haveing to lean in to get to the anvil (small RR track).

I also have a 12'' X 12'' X 1/2 wall thickness, that is 23'' tall. Weighs about 80-90 lbs.

 My plan is to cut the stump top (above ground) to form a 12'' X 12'' X 8'' tall tendon. Slide the square tube over the tendon, lag it in place.

 What should I fill the remaining void in the square tube with?  rebar and Concrete? sand?

I plan to use chain and turnbuckles to hold the anvil  (what will be new to me a 233 lbs. Columbian) down to the square tube.

Do I need to weld a top plate to the top of the square tube?

Can the top plate just sit on top of the squ. tube with a bead of silicone. And be held in place with the turnbuckles?

 If I use concrete will it add mass to the bottom end of the anvil?

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If I were doing this project, I would fill the tube with sand, weld or bolt a top plate on to keep the sand in place, and then attach the anvil to the top plate with a layer of silicone caulk (which will hold the anvil securely and really help deaden the noise). If additional fastening is necessary, drill and tap holes in the top plate and fasten down the anvil with brackets bolted into those holes.

(I don't like chains and turnbuckles: I like to have all the surfaces of the anvil available to work on. That's just my preference, though, and you should feel free to do whatever you like with your mounting system.)

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