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Edwards #20 shear Parrot jaw


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I've wanted this model since the day I saw it.. 

I called Edwards Shear about 25 years ago looking for information on the 10B.. . having all ready owned a 5 for 10 years and never seeing a 10B I was in dream land when I stopped at a road side Cafe only to see one sitting on the porch for sale..   I gave the lady a deposit and said I'd be back as I was on my MC at the time.. 

Anyhow, Edwards was still owned by Edwards and they had literature and sales flyers..  The gentleman was kind enough to send me a hard copy of the sales brochure of the large hand shears.. 

It showed the 5,  5 hydraulic and 10 alligator jaw, and a 15 and 20 parrot jaw..   

I immediately called Edwards to see if they had one of the 20's in the back room somewhere that never sold.. The guy laughed and said I was about 5 years to late...   I have no idea where that brochure is today as it was in all my books and when I moved sadly I wasn't the one moving the stuff and some of the items went missing.. 

i just called Edwards and the guy said I was about 3 years to late as they are now owned by a large corp and they have no early information left and no replacement jaws for the 15 or 20.. (while i had the guy on the phone I ordered a new set for the 10B)..

I said nothing, not even a PDF..  Guy said " Nothing".. 

Well I went to the NEB spring meet and noticed this bad boy right off the bat.. I walked over and no one was there.. Turns out it was the NEB selling the unit so I went and tracked down the guy in charge.. 

This was funny...  I walk up, say "Hi"..  I'd like to buy that shear up by the trailer..    He said..  I know just the one you are talking about..  I asked are you sure.. He laughed and replied.. YUP, i know the one..   Funny thing is he had a #5 and this #20..   The Number 5 sold to another of the gang there..     I was so excited it then dawned on me that I really don't need another 300lbs shear..  LOL.. 

I already have a edwards 5 and 10, a huge Johnson  JH 11X18 cut off band saw,  Steelmax14" cold cutoff saw.. ETC, etc..  Anyhow,  It was to sexy to pass up on..  

Saturday after I was done.. I loaded it into the back seat of the car and she came home with me.. 

This is the only 1 I have ever seen...  

This has the same capacity as the 10B of 1"

The 5 and 10 are alligator jawed and will cut wider stock..   3/4" and 1" cold respectively..  














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At the time I just noticed them.  One is in regular use at John C. Campbell Folk School and the other was at a friend's shop.  He has now sold off all of his Blacksmithing equipment but it is probably still in the Atlanta Blacksmithing community.  The one at JCCFS is the bigger of the two, and I didn't think you were interested in buying more.  You might contact Paul Garrett, the resident blacksmith and ask him for some information about their shear and if he would send you pictures.

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Like my screwpress. It hardly got any use as everyone wanted to use the hydraulic press that was bought soon after; even for jobs where the screwpress would have been faster and better!  I much rather use a hand shear than a cut off wheel! (less noise, less trash in the air, etc)

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Nice!  I’m hoping to get to use it some time when you,get you shop up and running.  Hey it’s summer time, do you need any help with your shop!  Seriously, once I get these knives done I’m available.

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