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I Forge Iron

Modifying a mini-sledge

Jon Kerr

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I’ve cracked it- found a local hardwood timber merchant who sell lengths of Ash, in 1.5in x1.5in. Perfect. 

(The story:

 looked for wheelbarrow handles but seem to be hard to find in UK.

Broom handles etc are generally pine so no good.

Boot Sale rakes is dodgy as you dont know what the wood is.

boot sale hammers to steal handles is an option, but then what to do with the spare head again?!? I need to use it! Vicious circle.)

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1x1.5 would be better as you would have less waste. In the US as a 2x2 is acualy 1.5x1.5” and a 1x2 is .75x1.5” true 1” stock is sold as 5/4”. Planed is not nesisary so if he has 25mm or 1” thick rough sawn stock that would be good. Sertainly wider widths work well as they can be ripped down.

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Yeh they give a discount for taking it as-sawn. Planed reduces the thickness from stock size by 5mm. I'll take the cheaper sawn stuff.

1.5" x 1" is an option, but the hammer I modified above needs slightly more  than 1". It's got a pretty large eye. I may buy a mixture of 1x1.5 and 1.5x1.5 for future projects.

Now I need to forge a drawing knife so I can draw the handles down..........!

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