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I Forge Iron

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Here I a blower I started yesterday I have no idea if it will work, but hey it's stuff I have laying around the house. I know it's a monstrosity but it moves a decent amount of air 



I have to mount it to my forge base and make the outlet somehow neck down to the size of the tuyure. I have another option for a blower but I would have to make a housing, shaft, and find bearings  for it.  it's just a fan that I twisted the blades just to see if I could. 


I'm sure this would ultimately work better but will also require a lot more time and work to get going. That is why I started with the other blower. If the squirrel cage ends up being a failure I will see what I can do with the mangled fan blade. 

So what do you guys think?

P.S. Don't laugh too hard.

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I see in one of your other threads that you plan to burn charcoal. Please remember that charcoal needs less air than you might think, and for many fuels, more air is not necessarily better. 

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I understand that, and if I had a smaller blower on hand I would use it but this one is what I have. Plus being hand cranked I can control how hard it blows. I also have 21 gears to choose from so I can make it blow as much or as little as I need it to.

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I have one of those blowers with a motor attached. ( not for a forge blower) it puts off a good bit of air and with it in a hand crank setup should work fine. Making duct to reduce that down shouldn't be hard at all and you could always make a waste gate or gate control to reduce the air down if it's still too much. Neat project. 

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Bicycles make good blower drives. As you know 21 gears can increase or decrease the final drive as you make it. Attached are some pics of blowers made with bicycle gear train drives in the 3rd. world. I don't  have pics of the blowers themselves but some are home made. 

The last one is a melter blower with a pully drive in an old film can.

Frosty The Lucky.


5b0c2fb4b29e0_Vietnamblower01.jpg.c9f6f31f5129be2ec2285847ddcaed64.jpg  207-55-iron-work-togo-795501.jpg.6db3c8f53afae6cd52e1c0ab9c00ece9.jpg 6701.thumb.jpg.4ce12bbefc2dcc360326450f05350dad.jpg     mot25a.jpg.b17748a505793300fe91b86857b597c3.jpg

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