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I acquired a thermal dynamics SL 40plasma cutter . In looking to buy some replacement tips I find two kinds .Standoff and drag tips . I dont understand the difference. They dont really look any different in the pictures .Can the drag tips really be dragged on the work piece? I have been trying very hard not to contact the work while using the cutter . But if you can get tips that can drag why would you use anything else?

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I use a standoff with a guide on mine and i think the drag tip has the guide built into it to maintain about a 1/8 gap from the material.Ask the guy sellin them he'd have the parts book there to tell ya the differance.The differance is prob price off the top of my head ,mine came with gouging tips as well.

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Drag tips generally have what looks like an "X" cut into the end so the actual discharge hole in the center stands a hair above the material while the rest can drag.  Standoff tips are usually smooth with that standoff distance coming from an external standoff device of some sort.  A drag tip will usually work in place of a standoff tip  but a standoff tip will not work as a drag tip (at least not well).

There are fancier versions than the "X" shape cut across the end but that's mostly marketing stuff.

Here's a drag tip example and a standoff tip example...






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I dont see the x or castellation on the thermal dynamic tips that are called drag tips.

they look like this [commercial link removed]

I dont know enough about this to be cofident of what to get.can any

 owners of thermal dynamic machines help?

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