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Can’t find anything about anvils I bought

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Hi. I m from Norway. I don't know much about anvils but I totally like the shape, "posture" of a good anvil. I  run a lot into anvils on my way through west Europe. The one on the bottom is 270 kg. I have more, each one  different . It is super cool that you answered me. Ill try to test the anvils as you said.

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Some I have cleaned and found nothing written but numbers, some I didn’t. Usually have something on, that is hard to remove. The big ones though they look unused their faces are not perfect plane. 








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Good Morning, Lulian

Contrary to what some people may tell you, it is easier to make something flat, if the anvil face is not flat. The material needs some place to be able to move too far, so when it springs back it is closer to flat. After you get those Anvils warmed up and shined (from using them), you will start to understand. Jewellers want a flat perfect surface, Blacksmiths don't need flat. Good Hammer control to learn how hard to hit comes as well with lots of mistakes (learning mistakes are not mistakes). Not learning from your mistakes is the REAL Problem. Your tools are talking to you in their language, LISTEN TO THEM!! If you do not pay attention to what they are saying, they will hurt you.

Enjoy the new Family!! Soon you will have Names for them


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