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I Forge Iron

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It just randomly occurred to me that with a torch, some thin sheet stock, and a lot of frustration, It might be possible to make some simple "hand forged" origami sculptures like they make out of paper. A quick Google search yielded no relevant results. Anybody tried this?

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Yes, it's called, "Form Folding." Charles Lewton Brain is the fellow who came up with this a couple few decades ago, I THINK it's one of the only new metal shaping arts thought of in I don't know how long. It's actually more involved than origame because metal is plastic where paper is inflexible. Charles is evidently giving tutorials online I haven't talked to him since the accident I had to limit how many different metal working techniques I practice. Fold forming is a LOT of fun. The last is Bill Roberts, an online friend who does or did large scale fold forming in aluminum using power hammers and such. House jewelry.





There are folk fold forming much closer to origame but a lot of the cool of it comes from stretching it with forging blows after it's folded. 

Frosty The Lucky.


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