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Cannedy-Otto Pump forge with orginal fire ring..

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Well, it's about time..  I was over at a horse place to trim a horse..  The Owner of the farm has showed me some of his forge work before and he has taken a class or 2.. He said his friend got a hold of him and asked if he wanted a forge that was at the old home stead..  

Turns out to be a beauty..  the leather belts are missing, But the forge is complete even with fire ring..  This is the part that is missing from 99% of the forges out there that take a clay lined forge bed... This forge even had fire clay still stuck under it and around the edges..  AWESOME.. This was like finding the missing link.. :) 

This was a heavy production forge.. the bed is about 1/2" thick cast iron..  Just a beatiful piece of vintage blacksmithing history..   

Anybody have the belt length needed and which way it mounts to the kick arm...  Over or under.. The screw is long gone and from what I remember it had a buckle but the last one I had seen was 30 years ago.. 
















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