Date and weight for Arm and Hammer?

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Hi all,

I just came across and bought an Arm and Hammer anvil. I'm a major noob but from reading what people are saying about this brand, I'm pretty excited. The serial number stamped on the foot is 37117. Would anyone know roughly when it might have been made? (I don't have the AIA book) It is also stamped with "99" under the logo; is that a reference to the weight? The seller said it was around 100 lbs. Thanks in advance!


a&h stamp.JPG


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3 hours ago, ThomasPowers said:

Yes that is the weight; I assume you double checked it on your bathroom scale?

Hey Thomas - wow, so ya, that shows how new to this I am. :) Don't know why I didn't think of that myself. Thanks!

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We often find that the stamped weight is off by a pound or two when checked with a hopefully accurate scale.  No big deal.  

Figuring out how to do things with what you have available on hand is a valuable tool.  I was called in one time by a previous employer because a forklift had damaged a computer case so that the circuit boards would not slide in.  As getting a new one would take several months and US$20K  they had the bright idea that as a smith I was used to manipulating metal---they asked me if I could hammer it back in line.  Telling them it had already had more impact than computer equipment should have; I pulled out the dent slowly and controllably using some C clamps and some loose boards off a pallet. Cards slid in, system booted up. Boss *smiled* and I went back to doing my "real" engineer.

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