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need some ideas

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Wednesday is my tipical week forge day. I can not really come up with any ideas of what to forge. I have a charcoal coal (i burn a mixture) side blast 55 gallon drum forge. For stock i have 1/2 round stock, 5/8 bar and 1/1 bar also i have numerous rail road spikes. If any one has any ideas that are not blades ( i have made alot of rr spike knives). IF there are any of the blue prints on iforge iron that you have personaly done and found to relativly easy or if you have any of your own projects that are not on the ble prints, that would be awsome Thank you.

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There are some 600 Blueprints on file. If you made a project or tool or jig each week, by the time your finished, you should have a well equipped shop.

BP0408 Triangle Bell is very easy and is appreciated in many kitchens. It includes the neat bending jig that can be used on other projects.

BP0318 Campfire Tripods is another easy project, good for hanging soup pots as well as flower pots.

BP0525 Wavy Flower Pot Stand may be of interest.

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Nett,........nail digger/cat's paw........might be the same thing.......I don't know.
The 'nail diggers' I'm familiar with are available from hardware stores.
They're usually made from3/4 in. octagon or round stock. Maybe 10 inches long. With a 90 degree bend on one end........near two sharp forks........(think sharp wrecking/crowbar.

The idea is, you start the forks under the head of a stubborn nail, and strike the backside of the digger forks with a claw hammer.

I realize all my explanation isn't too clear.........I'll try to post a pic when I can.

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Do you mean Tomahawk? Or an actual bird? I've seen a RR spike tomahawk but not a bird. That would be cool to see.

I ment a tomahawk but I do like the idea of making a bird out of a spike. You could make the legs and feet out of the spike head. then make the body and head out of the rest. Make the wings out of some flat stock.
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When ever I am at the forge and wondering what to make, I turn to tools. You can never have enough and the experience gained in building them along with the satisfaction is a great reward. Look at the blueprints and pick one....there are hundreds. Chris

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I guess the term 'nail digger' is a local slang term for this tool.

All the carpenters here use them.......especially in rough framing of houses, etc. They come in really handy if you happen to get a stud or rafter in the wrong place and it must be moved.

This tool is generally used in conjunction with a claw hammer........stiking on the backside of the digger claws to drive them under the nail head,.....then striking backward on the end of the handle a few times to dislodge nails.
The advantage to this tool , is that it is small enough to carry in a tool belt.

I had kept one back that I made from a RR spike, but I can't find it.........perhaps my son-in-law,(full time carpenter) had it in his tool belt!:)



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