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1/2" steel rod to 3/16" bar?

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A bit new and isn't much of a good judge on these things, but I was wondering if a 1/2" steel rod was enough to flatten a 2" × 3/16" bar (w × h)?


Any estimates or ways I could find out these types of things in the future would be a lot of help, Thanks!

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The area or cross section of 1/2" rod is 3.14x.25x.25  (pi times radius squared), which is 0.196 square inches.   The area of 3/16 inch thick bar that is 2 inches wide is 0.375 square inches.  So no, it will not be easy/possible to turn 1/2 inch diameter rod into flat stock that is 3/16 inch thick by 2 inches wide without a LOT of upsetting.  You *might* be able to pull it off with 3/4" diameter rod, but keep in mind you will lose some material to scale and even if you are good with peen hammers your stock will get longer as it gets wider, which means not all of the deformation will go into the cross section.   In the long run it will be much easier to find or buy stock closer to your desired dimensions. If you have a lot of the 1/2 inch rod you can sell it and buy what you need.

I've assumed that you wanted to hammer the round bar into flat stock, but what you actually asked is "if a 1/2" steel rod was enough to flatten a 2" × 3/16" bar" which could also be interpreted as using the rod to somehow flatten stock you already have.

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