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How do you like your new Hofi Hammer?


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For those of you who recently received you new Hofi Hammer(s) how are you liking them compared to whatever you've been using?

I received mine on Friday but wasn't not able to use it until last night. I got a good 2 hours in last night and was very happy with the experience. Compared to my self modified, soft faced, chinese drop forged hand hammer, the Hofi is just remarkable. I did not at anytime get tired as I swung the hammer and all my blows seemed more solid and to move the metal more quickly.

I love mine and highly recommend one to anyone who doesn't have one!

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Now, the next step for those of you that purchased on of Mr. Hofi's hammers. Find out where he is teaching a class and learn the proper way of using this amazing tool. It will be well worth the money! And you will be truely amazed how much MORE metal you can move when this hammer is used as intended.

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Will Mr. Hofi be in Oregon or anywhere else in the Northwest any time soon? If so, is there generally plenty of room in his classes for anyone wanting to attend and how much do these classes usually cost? Thanks for any info. Chris

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Larry, I really like it!
I have the Hofi video on how to hold and swing the hammer,
It takes some getting used too...A muscle memory thing to work on.
I am getting the hang of it, But would love to take a class from Hofi.
I hope Mr Hofi will be in the NY/NJ area at some point.

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