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Central Fuel Coal in Chehalis, WA

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Ask for the coal analysis docs.

Good coal for blacksmithing is low ash, low sulfur, high BTU coal of a usable size for the forge. The numbers suggested for good coal are less than 7% ash, less than 1% sulfur and above 14,000 Calorific Value in BTU's. These are not hard numbers but guidelines.

Available analysis shows ash content of coals listed from 3.7% to 22.4% ash, sulfur from 0.4% to 3.3% , and BTU's from 8,467 BTU's to 15,500 BTU's Calorific Value.

Your want to pay for heat (the BTU value) not the rocks or weight in clinker.

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Hey Simmonds,

I got a buddy of mine in Castle Rock Wa who makes tongs for a living and buys from Chehalis on a regular basis.

His website is: gstongs.com.

His contact info is on there - shoot him an email and he'd be able to give you a heads-up on the quality.

My name is Neil, tell him I said to give him a shout.

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Glenn, thanks for the good info. I will call and ask for the analysis.

Neil - Thanks for the response. The coal up in Chehalis is ALOT cheaper than the Cumberland/elkhorn I am buying locally (although it is excellent quality). Just thought it would be nice to go up and buy a truck load for cheap to use for general applications. I will shoot a email to your buddy and see what he says. Thanks so much. Chris

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I spoke with Mike Borovec of Central Fuel and he sells coal from UT and WY. The blacksmiths prefer the UT coal as it burns hotter. Ut stoker coal is 1-7/8 minus in size and currently is $9 for a 60-65 pound bag or $0.10 per pound ($200/ton) in ton quantities. He has about 40-50 tons available.

Central Fuel Heating and Cooling Inc.
1945 S. Market Blvd.
Chehalis, WA 98531

Local: 360.748.8808
Toll Free: 1.800.574.4107

Mike said he will contact the mine to try to get an analysis for the coal. Many times all it takes is a phone call to get real numbers and talk with real people. If you contact him, be sure and tell him you heard about it on IForgeIron.

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The test is from Horizon Laboratories in Price, Utah. We have the form on file if you'd like to see it.

Date Sampled: 3/17-3/23 of 2008
Sample Identification: BYU Stoker at Wildcat.
Analysis Report #: 69383

As Received Basis:
% Moisture 3.33
% Ash 9.87
% Sulfur 0.45
BTU/Lb 12717

Dry Basis:
% Moisture -----
% Ash 10.21
% Sulfur 0.47
BTU/Lb 13155

If you have any more questions, please give me a call.
Thank you,

Mike Borovec
Central Fuel Company
(360)748-8808 ph
(360)748-4486 fax

If you contact Central Fuel, be sure and tell them you heard about it on IForgeIron.

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Today, 09:52 AM to Today, 01:27 PM is about 3-1/2 hours from the question to the business contact information and coal analysis data.

You may want to contact Mike and see if he can point you toward the blacksmiths in your area. Then contact the blacksmith and offer a days free labor in his shop. You may end up exchange notes, and blacksmithing information.

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Glenn, YOU DA MAN!!!
Thanks so much for the info and doing the legwork for me :) Once again Glenn goes above and beyond for the sake of his members. I really appreciate it. It looks like I will give the coal a try. I am heading up that way soon anyway to ride the Mt. Rainier scenic railway and I will pick up a ton. Chris

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They are no longer selling coal, and you wouldn't want it anyway. I still have some but it's terrible with clinker. There is a fellow in the NWBA who sells coal, charcoal and coke. He can get it close to you if you are in the region. His name is James von Mosch. NWBA web site is blacksmith.org

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