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I Forge Iron

An interesting article from England

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She's also holding her thumb on top of the hammer handle. Makes me wonder if the photographer posed her this way or her instructors didn't know or tell her what kind of damage that will do in a few years.

Lady smiths rock.


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wow, eagle eyes andy!

Frosty - I once did a bit for TV, a home makeover show called HomeFront on the BBC. I made a tree candleholder for a swanky bespoke kitchen/conservatory. They filmed me forging parts of it and the director kept telling me to get my face closer to the fire so that they could get a reflection of the flames in my goggles. I told him to come and put his face next to the fire before he asked me to do the same.:mad: (He didn't, and I don't think he wanted to argue with a woman with a hammer in one hand and a hot bit of steel in the other:D)
So I am sure that the photographer played a part in staging- especially since that article is for a notoriously conservative newspaper (with a page three girl and all!).

- Colleen

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Pete, you will NOT be disappointed. I attended a 2 day seminar in Texarkana, TX a couple of yrs back and she is awesome. And VERY down to earth. I learned a lot in those 2 days. She was in Louisiana last yr but I was unable to attend, was on-call at work that weekend.

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