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Cleaning the old work table

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I have an old work/welding table that is 3' X 5'.  I haven't really cleaned it in 20 years.  I would just grind or wire brush a small area to get a ground.  I have used it for everything and as a result, it has 20 years of different colored paint.  I'm going to clean the entire table now.  I'm using an electric angle grinder with a twisted wire wheel and a grinder with a grinding disk that is most likely 36 grit.  I was thinking that a solution of some sort may help the process?  I was thinking of vinegar since it will help taking off rust.  Any other ideas would be appreciated.   

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Flip it upside down and drag it behind the pickup for a minute or two. A paved road is good but dirt or gravel works fine, it just might dig in so chain it close.

Frosty The Lucky.

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I've made paint scrapers from old files- just a 45 degree bevel that would make short work of the paint, as well as heavy rust. Quieter and less dusty than a grinder. You'll need the grinder with a disk or wire wheel to finish up.


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I used a gel based paint remover from Wallyworld that worked a treat removing a baked enamel finish from steel.  PPE is critical for that stuff but probably 90% of the paint slid off with a putty knife. The tenacious stuff took a second treatment but no more.  As memory serves that gel was soap and water cleanup.  

I left it on overnight for the first application, and maybe 15 minutes for the second.

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On 4/29/2018 at 9:24 PM, Glenn said:

Put the stuff you clean off the top of the table away where it is suppose to go. Half the problem solved. Find a proper place for the rest of the stuff.

I worked in an office years ago- my trainer would see e making piles of things to do and always said "all you are doing is moving things- if you pick something up deal with whatever it is and put it away".

Having a place where things 'go' helps keep the shop a lot cleaner.


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