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April's LIVE Webcast

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Looks like we are going to be going on for another month with a limited amount of space to watch the webcast. I have put in a request with the host company for more bandwidth and am awaiting a response. They are in England and very busy I am sure...

I will post the HOT link to the webcast "room" around 8-9am or so right here.

We are going to ramp up the resolution and hope it comes through better so those with high speed will be able to view it. Those with dial up I am not too sure if it will load...there will also be a chat room there too so sign in with your handle and y'all can talk about what is going on.

Adam will be heading it up again for us...I pop on from time to time to say hi from the main computer too...so...

Hope to "see" you guys Saturday!


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